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The Mason legacy is coming soon with founder.. Michelle Mason (pictured in previous post).

Now this mini legacy (5 generations) will be a bit different than other's you may have read. while browsing dreamwidth and livejournal I ran across a "mega legacy" thing (or whatever it was called). So for the first 5 sim weeks I'm going to follow a different "guideline" than the regular legacy. After that I'll probably continue playing it the "old fashion way". Allow me to share that the sims will go through for the first 5 sim weeks of their life..

Week 1
- Forever Young: One sim in your household must go on a nightly hunt for one of the Grand Vampires, and get themselves turned. <-- AWESOME! I love vampire sims, although with some of my vamp mods it causes errors when interacting with the grand vampire. Guess I'll have to remove it for this first week (that's gonna kill me! lol).

Week 2
- The Quiet Family: Your house is cursed by visitor death - in TRIPLICATE. The next three visitors (npcs - including hired help/walkby/the headmaster/etc) to your home MUST DIE! Gravestones and urns must not be deleted <-- great *groans*

Week 3
- Family Heirlooms: A distant relative has died, leaving you their most treasured possessions under the proviso that they NEVER BE SOLD. Every day for the week use the kaching cheat once, and using that thousand simoleons to purchase one thousand simolean (or as close as possible) decorative item - no doubling up on items. These items can never be sold for money.

Week 4
- It's a Dogs Life: Your faily can't decide which dog they like best, and just purchase ALL of the one's available in the shop. Make as many dogs as there is space left in your house in CAS and move them in. The animals must stay there for the week, and must be cared for, but at the end you may sell them/give them up for adoption. <-- Yeah may go for cats instead (got plenty of cats breeds), but may do the dogs. Well see which when this week arrives.

Week 5
- Fashion is Life!: Your current heir buys enough clothes to have a completely different outfit and look for each day of the week. Make sure you take an "outfit for the day" screenshot.
(oh goodie!).

part 1.0 coming soon (gotta wait for my internet to play nice) :(.


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